Essay about Identifying Our Gender And The Way We Are Being Treated

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Before you are born, you have so much attention surrounding yourself. You are first considered “it” until your ultrasound where your parents can decide if they want to figure out if “it” is a male or a female. Once your gender has revealed, many people will start buying you gender specific clothing and accessories. The important question behind all of this, therefore, are people pre-assigning our gender and the way we are being treated before we can have any say in what we want to be considered as a person. As people pre-assigning our genders can this make us feel or act differently and have us be treated differently or inferior by the people around us. Growing up adults treat the males and the females very differently. One example of this is the way that we are being significantly different. When you walk through the children’s section of a clothing section you can see the severe difference of how children are being dressed differently and how is reflects the treatment of the child. In the female section, you can lose count on how many pinks, purples, and light blues. While in the male section, you can see the vast color change you can see a multitude of dark blues, greens, and shades of browns. Once you are finished with looking at the colors, feel the fabric of the clothing and the design of them at the same time. For males, you see a heavier and thicker material since they expect the boys to be rough and take a tumble all the time. While for the females, you can see…

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