Identifying Nursing Strategies : Dementia And Chronic Cognitive Decline

1000 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Identifying Nursing Strategies: Dementia And Chronic Cognitive Decline As baby boomers age and the demographic of the nation changes, it is with increasing frequency that the terms dementia, Alzheimer’s, and chronic cognitive decline are included in common vocabulary. Television viewers are inundated with advertisements for Alzheimer’s medications. Popular sitcoms include episodes about dealing with the stresses that can occur in a family dealing with cognitive decline issues. Entire movies, such as Still Alice, speak to these issues from the perspective of the patient. Chronic cognitive decline has been brought to the forefront of the American culture not only in homes across the country but in the healthcare system where the challenges of recognizing, treating, and managing these conditions while providing quality of care can be challenging.
Investigating the Challenges It is these challenges that prompted Laura Josse, Debra Palmer, and Norma M. Lang of The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing to investigate them further. The premise of their position is that these types of patients have complex needs that are not only difficult to recognize but place them at a risk for inadequate care. During the course if their investigation they found that factors contributing to this problem are the recognition of states of confusion, the hesitancy to diagnose due to the social stigma attached to these disorders, and lack of documentation regarding these conditions…

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