Identifying Five Attributes And Purchasing Habits Of Online Shoppers

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Identify five attributes and purchasing habits of online shoppers.
1. Rebates are used by companies as a promotional technique and an incentive to increase the sales of a product. These can take on many forms such as a reduction, a return, or a refund on what has already been paid by the customer. Specifically, online rebates take the form of email or digital codes; which can help attract the customer into making their purchase online. When given the ability to receive an online rebate from their purchase, shoppers become more likely to purchase a product online rather than in a physical store.
2. In knowing that 80% of online shoppers are internet veterans, it is important that companies use popular routes to grab customer’s attention. By doing this, the company can generate higher traffic for their e-commerce activities. As the customer gains more familiarity with the company, trust is established and developed after every successful transaction that occurs between the two parties. It is this healthy strategy that enables companies to establish their brand with regular internet users so that in turn they may spread their good experience with non internet users or regular internet users alike.
3. The most active age demographic of online shoppers are those consumers between 25 and 34, purchasing more online annually than any other age group. This can be attributed to having more disposable wealth than other age groups. Adults over the age of 35 do have higher disposable…

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