Identifying An African American Woman Essay

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I identify as an African American woman. Being a woman as well as a minority are the two most distinctive factors of my cultural identity. There is little known knowledge of my ancestors pass on both sides of my family. I assume my ancestors came from Africa. Before this assignment I have given little thoughts to the roots of my ancestry. It was not a topic greatly discussed in my families. The way they entered the United States does have an influence on my culture. My ancestors made the new land their own. They mastered the languages of North America and created a new sacred world. Their children, who knew no other land, took root in American soil and made the land that had been forced on their parents their own. This began to shape the African American culture. The generations before me that were raised in America identified as African American because that’s all they knew. This causes me to take on the same identity because it is what I grew up knowing.
My religious affiliation growing up was Christianity. This was passed down through many generations. Religion was used as a type of social control with slaves; and they were forced to adopt their owner’s religious affiliation. Slave owners used the bible and Christianity against the slaves. This gave them hope for the future and the promise of Heaven and an afterlife. My religious affiliation now is still Christianity. It has not changed in my adulthood.
The gender I identify as is female. In my family gender difference…

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