Identify the Three Domains of Development Essay

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Identify The Three Domains Of Development
Identify the three domains of development, as described in Chapter 1.

The three domains of adult development are physical development, cognitive development, and social and emotional development. The interesting fact about the study of physical development is that it not only looks at obvious physical changes but at the unseen changes such as changes in the brain (Witt, Mossler, 2010, p. 3). Although both the study of physical development and cognitive development look at the brain, the study of physical development focuses on the actual physical changes of the brain. The study of cognitive development focuses on the mental changes of the brain. The last domain concentrates more on a person’s
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As adults, we posses a more sophistacated understanding of the process of thinking and learning with a better understanding of our own mental capibilities and those of others. Our thoughts do change over time i realize that other classmates or associates may have different goals and desires that are different from my own and i do realize that when we are given the same information or assignments the conclusion will be different from my own. Each doamin of development changes as we grow and age our though process changes and how we retain information changes in our ability to understand the world around us.

Provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.

For example, when i was eight i broke my leg roller skating i went through a change that directly affectted my physical abilities i was limited by what i could do along with the physical, emotional changes, my cognitive and social developments also changed. My cognitive skills( my thought proceess and reasoning) are improved because they were trying to compensate for the lack of my physical abilities . On the other hand, having a broken leg and not being able to go out effected my social and emotional development . I experienced huge swings in my mood and was very emotional the ups and downs i had due to not being able to physically go out to play with my friends. i couldnt socalize with my friends with whom i played an interacted with on a daily basis i had to be

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