Identify The Clinical Condition Of The Assigned Case Study And Recommend Behavior Changes

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Identify the clinical condition in the assigned case study and recommend behavior changes that the identified client should make and Describe the benefits of behavior change and the challenges patients might face.
Diabetes affect thousands of people lives on a daily basis in the past month diabetes has affected my family. The authors Chamberlain, J. J., Rhinehart, A. S., Shaefer, C. J., & Neuman, A. (2016) explain that diabetes affects an estimated “29.1 million adults (9.3%) in the United States. The prevalence of diagnosed diabetes is higher among certain minorities, including American Indians and Alaska Natives (15.9%), non-Hispanic Black adults (13.2%), Hispanics (12.8%), and Asian Americans (9.0%), than in non-Hispanic White adults (7.6%)” (pg. 414) Diabetes is a disease in which someone body glucose is too high, glucose is in our food which provide energy but in a person with diabetes there sugar is not properly passing through the kidney and too much glucose cause damage to the kidneys, nerves, heart disease, eyes, remove of limb and even causes death. There are different symptoms of diabetes for women and men from my recent experience some symptoms are hunger, fatigue thirst, dry mouth, blurred vision and constant peeing. My husband symptoms was always thirsty for water he brought three cases of water every week additionally he drank other sugar drinks. My husband use of bathroom was very regular and he could not hold his urine while sleeping. One huge factor…

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