Identification Of Target Customers And An Analysis Of Their Attributes

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 Identification of target customers and an analysis of their attributes. Use the information in the marketing plan and market profiles for other countries to assist you in documenting attributes.

Identified target customers within the selected country will be:

Identified target customers Customer attributes
Segment 1 – young couples Very explorative, fun loving and prone to the western culture and languages
Segment 2 – retired couples Very quiet, calm and don’t want to be disturbed with the travelling plans
Segment 3 – business owners Would like to see and try something unique and special and they are not concerned with the price discounts or cutting

 A description of the features of the TNQ experience that is most likely to appeal to the target consumers.

• Meet the needs of identified target markets:each segment market has its own attributes and traits. TTNQ should include all these groups’ needs, wants and preferences when they are designing their products and services to ensure all the segments’ expectations are targeted and satisfied.
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: these ethical background are totally different from the local Thai tourists. Once they decide to visit Northern Queensland they would like to explore something different from what they see or hear from before. The culture and customs from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the strong attraction for the local Thai tourists.

 An estimation of visitor…

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