Essay on Identification of Food Constituents in Milk

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Experiment 3 : Identification of food constituents in milk
To compare the composition of two different kinds of milk for fats, protein and reducing sugar.

Introduction In this experiment two milk samples are given and its compositions are tested using different methods such as using benedict solution to test the presence of reducing sugar, using copper II sulphate to test the presence of protein, using K3( to test the presence of fat. However in this experiment, not only are the milk tested for its composition, the amount of the particular substance such as reducing sugar, protein and fat is also tested by observing the intensity of the colour change.

Test tube, magnifying glass, test tube rack, dropper,
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| 2 | 1mL salad oil + 5 drops of Sudan(IV) | Yellowish solution | 3 | 1mL full cream milk+ 5 drops of Sudan(IV) | Cloudy | 4 | 1mL distilled water+ 5 drops of Sudan(IV) | Clear orange | 5 | 1mL distilled water+ 1mL cooking oil+ 5 drops of Sudan(IV) | Colourless | 6 | 1mL cooking oil+ 5 drops of Sudan(IV) | Orange solution |

A comparison between the two milk samples(k1 and k2). When Pipette was used to introduce a drop of the milk(k1 and k2) in copper (II) sulphate solution contained in separate test tubes, It was observed that the dispersion of milk(k1) in copper (II) sulphate solution was faster than k2. Although milk(k1 and k2) were added inside and not on the solution, so that any change would be seen immediately by looking at the sides of the test tubes using a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass will enable the observation of the change of the milks to be clearer.
The difference in the dispersion of the milk(k1 and k2)in the copper (II) sulphate solution was due to the difference in

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