Idealism Vs Realpolitik Essay

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Idealism vs Realpolitik From the very beginning, the United States has been a nation of grand ideals. The foreign policy and domestic politics of the United States have been shaped by ideals like equality, manifest destiny, and democratic self-determination. These grand ideals serve as the driving force behind hallmark moments in American history such as the Declaration of independence, Louisiana Purchase, Monroe Doctrine, the League of Nations, and the United Nations. As a nation built upon grand ideals, America has hosted many political idealists that have tried to make the world a better place through the spread of democratic ideals and an international system. These idealists are often criticized by realists for ignoring concerns of national interest and balance of power. In the political sense, realists are those who are willing to eschew lofty ideals for the sake of national security and national interest. Although these two political approaches often conflict with one another, the events of the 20th century show that the best foreign policy takes both realist and idealist concerns into account.
The aftermath of WWI started the contemporary debate over US foreign policy between the realists and idealists. Although the proponents of political idealism and realism have always clashed in US politics, the newfound global influence of the United States brought their dispute to the forefront of international affairs. Following the first world war, the economic, military,…

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