Idealism Of The 1920s Essay

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LESSON 21 - The Idealism of the 1920's


Identify and understand how regional lifestyles contributed to clashing ideologies

Identify the growing influence and impact women had in America

Identify how wealth influenced and changed American's everyday lives

Identify important contributions to American entertainment and culture

The Clash of Cultures

The 1920 census showed that for the first time more Americans lived in towns and cities than in the country. The 1920s sped the process of urbanization. New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia became huge cities, and 65 others had more than 100,000 people. As 2 million people a year left their farms, city values began to replace small-town values to dominate the nation's ideals. The transition was not always easy.

One problem concerned Prohibition, which would halt the creation and selling of alcohol, and was favored by many rural
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More women worked outside the home than before the war. They had many different jobs, but hundreds of thousands became teacher and nurses, secretaries, or sales clerks. Wherever they worked, women still faced discrimination. The 1920s began trends that continue today: identifying jobs as women's or men's work and paying women less than men.

Married women generally did not work outside the home. Those who did work jobs outside the home found it difficult to balance the demands of both work and family. Women experienced changes at home. Married women had fewer children than before. Ready-made clothes and labor-saving devices made housework easier.

Other changes affected families, but sometimes they rebelled. Marriages were more often the result of the two partners' choice, not their parents' arrangements. Divorce became more common, with the rates almost doubling. More teenagers stayed in school than before but sometimes rebelled against parental supervision.

Education, Entertainment and Culture of the

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