Icts for Better Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Bangladesh

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ICTs for Better Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Bangladesh
1. Introduction

Agriculture is the most important sector in the economy of Bangladesh. As the largest private enterprise, agriculture contributes about 21% of the GDP, sustains the livelihood of about 52% of the labour force and remains a major supplier of raw materials for agro-based industries in Bangladesh [1]. The rural economy of Bangladesh is transforming, the specific manifestation is non-farm economy is flourishing. Out of 80% of total population living in rural areas, 46% are employed in the non-farm sector [2]. In Bangladesh, the alarming trend is that income share of lower tier people has decreased, widening gap between the richest and poorest [3].

According to
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At present, the information is disseminated through various media like radio, newspapers, blackboard display and public address system at market yards. Information provided by these methods is out of date and does not help the farmers sufficiently in taking marketing decisions of their produce. The farmers are also not able to know about the prices prevailing in other markets, as the Market Committees are able to disseminate information only in respect of their own markets. The farmers are, therefore, left with no alternative but to dispose of their produce in the nearest market, even at uneconomic prices. Market information is equally needed by other market participants for optimal trading decisions. To fully utilize the new emerging trade opportunities for the benefit of farming community, agriculture marketing information system in the country needs to be strengthened and ICTs has a vital role to play in the process.

In the above-mentioned context, this paper is mainly focused to link resource-poor farmers and non-farm producers with national and global market as well as to provide information and know-how support through integration of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

2. Statement of the Problem

The farmers reside in the rural areas of Bangladesh are in extreme scarcity of the desired resources which

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