Ict Models For Assessment And Accreditation System Essay

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There are two aspects which are to be looked at (a) Effective Pedagogy of ICT Models for Assessment and Accreditation system and (b) Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning. Here we present the role of ICT in designing pedagogy in general and specifically in developing a web based tool for Assessment and Accreditation system. The development of a generic model with the help of Technology is carried out. However, faculties do not usually follow linear instructional design models when they are planning for ICT integration. The development of generic model has carried out, which consists of three fundamental elements: pedagogy, social interaction and technology. Sound design of these components will help faculty to integrate ICT into their curricula in effective ways. Constructivist learning theories, the design of interactivity and the notion of usefulness provide the theoretical foundations for the construction of this model. Some examples of applying this model to the design of Web-based learning environments, facilitation of online discussions and comparison of ICT tools are presented.
1. Education is the basic requirement in every aspect of human life. Higher education has become one of the major drivers of economy of the country. To improve employment skills it is necessary that every student should get a good quality education. Every student has right to demand for valuable and quality teaching which ensures that their education will lead to jobs and will give them the skills…

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