ICT Evaluation of Community Spirit Essay

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Activity 1
1. Logo

Purpose - Logos are very important as they represent the face of companies. This is the first thing that people see. My purpose was to make a logo called ‘Community Spirit’ which shows that the community is always one no matter what you look like – if you have different skin colour, different races, gender, etc. Target Audience - My target audience is mainly towards the community but it is also for families with children. Community spirit is for kids for all ages so they can interact with each other.

Method - Firstly I used the software Serif DrawPlusX2. Secondly I went to the internet and took an image from ‘Google’ which showed several people covered in multi-colours and others who were of
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I decided to have a total of six slides including my introduction slide.
Screenshot Version 1

Fit for purpose

Test Buddy Feedback:
 To finish off the freebies slide.
 To finish off the marketing slide.
 Add a chart title to your food and drink.

Teacher Feedback:

Action Taken:
 To finish off the freebies slide –I have completed the slide for freebies by inserting a couple of images which are the freebies and explain what they are.
 To finish off the marketing slide – I have finished the marketing slide by explain the different ways of marketing such as leaflets, social media, etc.

Screenshot Version 2

Further improvements – To further improve my work I could have added more images for my activity and attraction. Moreover, on the ‘Marketing’ slide I should improve it by adding more information for each type of marketing.

3. Digital advert
Purpose – The purpose of creating a digital advert is to promote ‘Community Spirit’ to local charities.The charities are very important and by joining ‘Community Spirit’ their reputation and popularity will increase.
Target Audience – The target audience is the local charities. I am attempting to persuade local charities to attend the occasion and make them the centre of attention.
Method – Firstly, I used the software ‘Serif DrawPlus X2’ to create my advert. Secondly, I

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