Ichabod Canes Movie Analysis

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The author, Washington Irving, wrote the marvelous story “Ichabod Canes The legend of the Sleepy Hollow” published in English on 1900. Irving died in November 28, 1859, he was a great American short story writer, among many other things, of the early 19th century. He was best known after he wrote “ Ichabod Crane the legend of sleepy hollow” but he kept growing as a writer and had many more successful pieces of literature like “ A History of New York” and “the sketch book” . He became well known in the famous industry after 100 years the premier of his movie basket on his legend was on theaters. The movie was so successful that the throughout the years the movie kept renovating for all ages. Famous companies and producers like Disney and Tim Burden continued with Irving’s legend. The movie produced by the great Tim Burden had very well-known actors like Johnny Depp and Miranda Gambol, it was released in 1999. Later on, other movie producers saw how effective the film was …show more content…
It has several things that had been changed from the book. First of all, the setting is beyond different from the story. It may be because the movie is for children. The setting is more cheerful and the vibes are happier. The movie kept the names of the villages the same. Both towns were divided by a bridge that it is said to be that a headless horse man will haunt anyone who crosses the bridge. In search of his head. Never less, the headless horseman may not cross the bridge. In the story Ichabod knows the legend of the headless horse man because some ladies told him the legend, but in the movie it was Brom who introduced the legend to him. Brom was always trying to physically hurt Ichabod in revenge for Katrina. What almost declared that Katrina liked Ichabod more than Brom was that she wrote a letter inviting Ichabod to her party. All this are differences, however, the movie and the story had many things in common

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