Ice Age : The Meltdown Essay

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In the movie ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’, the prehistoric creatures discover that the ice age is coming to an end, so the creatures take on a journey to higher ground. In the exodus scene, we have a dung beetle family migrating along with the other animals. The dung beetle dad is pushing this heavy ball of crap and in frustration he remarks:
Dung Beetle Dad: Do we have to bring this crap? I 'm sure there 's crap where we 're going!
Dung Beetle Mom: [Offended] Uh! This was a gift from my mother.
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As you journey from this year to the next, what kind of crap are you carrying across? You have the ability to carry only a certain amount of baggage. Every person has a threshold of how much crap they can endure in life. Beyond that, you come to a breaking point. The more of the wrong stuff you carry the less space you have for the good stuff in life. Therefore decide what is more important to you in your journey in life and let go of the stuff that’s not worth carrying anymore.

I have seen hurting people continue in pain just because they do not let go of their hurts. Why do you hold on to something that hurts so badly, why do you stay bitter, angry, frustrated and negative? Like the dung beetle, do you hold on to the crap because it was a gift from someone significant in your life? I have watched people grieve all their lives because their parents failed to love them or were not there for them.…

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