Ghost By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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“Ghosts” is a stage play written by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. The stage play was written in 1881, and first staged in 1882 in Chicago, Illinois. (Mulyani, 2014) It was starred by Judi Dench, Michael Gambon, Kenneth Branagh, Freddie Jones and Natasha Richardson. Ghosts begins with a conversation between Mr. Engstrand and his daughter Regina. He tried to convince his daughter to come back home, and leave Mrs. Alving’s orphanage, which was built for Captain Alving’s, her husband, 10th death anniversary. Their marriage was on the problematic side because there were a lot of untold truths. She talked to Pastor Manders about the issue, and told her that her husband was an alcoholic and was involved in infidelity. Oswald, their son who came home from France, did not know about this. The main reason why he came home was that he wants to die from Syphilis, a fungal infection which he inherited from his father, in his mother’s house. As he spend his time at his mother’s house, he persuaded Regina to marry him so that she will be the one to give him the medicine which will kill him, but this stopped Oswald as his mother revealed to him that they were siblings. At the end, Oswald was at ill state and Mrs. Alving looks at the Morphine, seemingly losing hope as his son met his death. In the story, Oswald is seen as a weak character because he …show more content…
He was not satisfied with his mother’s company, even though his mother is there ready to give him his needs to help him surpass his illness. Despite being sent away and not being close to people, we should appreciate everything they do for us, especially when they reach out a helping hand. All individuals must be grateful for them. When I have watched this scene, I thought of being not contented at times, too. Sometimes, I look at the things I do not have or lack in, but I have to be aware that I should be grateful because not all people are as blessed as

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