Essay IBM's Multicultural Multinational Teams

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IBM's Multicultural Multinational Teams
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Today's work environment is more complex than it has ever been. With the number of global companies increasing and the competition that has resulted from this business practice, there has been tremendous demand for organizations to improve their workforce practices. The pressures of organizations to be globally competitive has led to drastic changes in the way that business work practices are utilized. Organizations had to develop strategies that increased efficiency, productivity, and also profitability. The resulting changes has shifted the work environment from an individualistic nature to more of a team oriented structure.
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This stage is when team members take an intense stand on the issue and support their positions against others, therefore it is during this stage where disagreement is expected to be greatest. The team members may also struggle with the desire to take control of the leadership of the group. If there is too much conflict involved, some groups never escape from the storming stage. If all team members accept practical methods and produce remarkable responses that offer the opportunity to complete the task and produces satisfactory results for all team members involved, then the team will advance to the next stage of the group development. The next stage involved in the team building process is the norming stage. The norming stage happens when the team members conclude their disagreements and come together to resolve the dilemma. This emergence phase is identified after one member assumes more of a leadership role, although leadership can be cohesive. At this point the team members choose to abandon their own agendas and ideas and come to an agreement with other team members in an effort to make the team perform successfully In this stage, all team members take responsibility and move to sharing the same objective, which is to work toward the successful achievement of the team's goals. After coming together to work toward achieving the necessary goal, the team will now

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