Ibm : International Business Machines Corporation Essay

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Research Project – IBM

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) was incorporated on June 16, 1911. The company is based on five segments: Global Technology Services (GTS), Global Business Services (GBS), Software, Systems Hardware and Global Financing (5). GTS offers strategic outsourcing, integrated technology services, cloud and technology support services. GBS provides consulting and systems integration, application management services and process services. The software segment consists mostly of middleware and operating systems software. The Systems Hardware segment provides clients with infrastructure technologies. Global Financing includes client financing and remanufacturing and remarketing. IBM’s customer service philosophy starts with how they treat their employees. IBM values their employees and their thoughts and ideas. The company does not just tell them what needs to be done but it also ask them what they think should be done. IBM has three strong beliefs which include dedication to every client’s success, innovation that matters, and trust and responsibility in all relationships.
IBM has been in the technology field for over 100 years, which gives them a very strong brand reputation, which is one of their strengths. Splitting the corporation into separate units (processors, storage, software, services, and printers) helped IBM survive. Being a diversified business allows them to reach multiple markets in software, cloud storage, and…

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