Ibm Canada Ltd: Implementing Global Strategy Essay

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CTR's Canadian (and later South American) country units operated under the name International
Business Machines (IBM), and the whole company was renamed in 1924. Over the past century, IBM had evolved from primarily a manufacturer of computer hardware to a multinational information technology solutions finn. It maintained operations in more than 200 countries, with each country unit responsible for developing business locally and, if necessary, coordinating its efforts with neighboring units.
Under the leadership of Sam Palmisano as its chief executive officer (CEO), IBM started to leverage its presence in 200 countries to deliver services to multinational clients who had operations spread across regions. By 2008, IBM was generating more than 60 per cent of its revenues outside the United States.
In 2008, IBM generated US$12.3 billion in net income from US$103.6 billion in sales. It employed a workforce of approximately 386,000 people and was headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM had five business segments: 1) global technology services (GTS), 2) global business services (GBS), 3) systems and technology (ST), 4) software and 5) global financing.
Under the Global Services umbrella, GTS and GBS provided clients with services that either increased effectiveness or decreased cost. These services included strategic outsourcing, business transformation outsourcing, integrated technology services and maintenance. Global

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