Ibm Bpm Is A Consumable Business Process Essay

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IBM BPM is a consumable business process management platform with full functions and powerful features, which can helps user to have a comprehensive understanding and management about business processes. It is specifically designed to help business owners and users to monitor and optimize business process which can be running in platform to reduce complexity and improve productivity. IBM BPM could be use in on-premises and cloud configurations. It is designed to support mobile devices like: IOS and Android based device, features case management capabilities across its product editions and operates with a single process server. [1]

IBM BPM has a huge number of products which are usually complex. However, since the release of BPM7.5, IBM BPM products became more user friendly. Compared with same products from Oracle, IBM BPM has below four advantages:

A better process design and modeling tools. Simplified and optimize the whole process to help reduce the time and effort needed to manage and expand IBM BPM environments. it’s just better in business rule management systems (BRMS). Because IBM acquireed ILOG company who is a industry leader in business rule management systems (BRMS)all over the world and this acquistion gives IBM a chance to dominate this market segment.
Plenty of products realted with IBM’ working folw, which could meet the needs from different types and different scales business customers.
Sufficient exprience in Finance, Electricity,…

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