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Nouchee Lor
Mrs. Kottke
IB HL English
11 October 2012
Reflective Statement
“He was of medium height. His shapely, slim figure and broad shoulders gave evidence of a strong constitution, capable of enduring all the hardships of a nomad life and changes of climates, and of resisting with success both the demoralizing effects of life in the Capital and tempests of the soul” (Lermontov pg. 50).
A true man is a man who takes responsibility. He is a man who takes responsibility for himself, his family, his influence, his actions, and his accountability. What do you think defines a true man? If a man takes responsibility for what he does, what he is, and who he is he would not have to blame the society, his
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Pechorin is known for his embodiment of the Byronic hero. Byron’s works were international, meaning they were known worldwide to everyone. Lermontov mentions his name several times throughout the novel. According to the Byronic hero and influence, Pechorin is a character of contradiction. He is both sensitive and cynical. He is possessed of extreme arrogance, yet has a deep insight into his own character and resembles the melancholy of the romantic hero who broods on the futility of existence and the certainty of death. Pechorin’s whole philosophy concerning existence is oriented towards the nihilistic, creating in him somewhat of a distanced, alienated personality. Lermontov’s characterization of Pechorin is the reason to why we as the audience pity him in many ways.
But, Pechorin's behavior as a character soon changes after Bela, the young lady who he kidnapped at first gets kidnapped by his enemy, Kazbich, and becomes mortally wounded. After 2 days of suffering, Bela spoke of her inner fears and her feelings for Pechorin, who listened without once leaving her side. After her death, Pechorin became physically ill, lost some weight and became very unsociable. After meeting with Maxim, who is similar to a close friend, again, he acts coldly and antisocial, showing deep depression and disinterest in interaction. He soon dies on his way back from Persia, admitting to Maxim before that he is sure he will never

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