Ib Cas Coordinator And Class Sponsor Essay

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Background of experiences:
What is your current position?
I currently hold the positions of Nationally Board Certified Mathematics Teacher at a high school, Math and Business Department Chair, IB CAS Coordinator and Class Sponsor.

How long have you had this position?
I have been a math teacher for 23 years, Math Department Chair for the last five years (Business department was added to my department this past year). This is my third year as the IB CAS Coordinator. I have been a class sponsor for a total of seven years for three different graduating classes.

What others positions/work/life experiences have you had that you feel contributed to your development and preparation for administration?
The types of jobs I have held vary; such as secretary, cashier, tutor, waitress, nanny, florist and at a fruit stand, to name a few. All the jobs that I have held have contributed to my strong work ethic, organizational skills and leadership abilities.

The three experiences that I have had that I think have contributed the most to my development and preparation for an administrative position have been the summer school lead teacher (principal) position which I held a few years ago, a position which I held at my church for over three years as a “principal” and my position as a girls camp coordinator.

As summer school lead teacher I was responsible for student schedules, teacher schedules, counselor, teacher training, attendance, transportation, meals, parent meetings,…

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