iAnna Essay

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iAnna is a short story written by Will Self. The story takes place at a small hospice called St. Mungo’s, which Dr. Shiva Mukti, who is a psychiatrist works at. Dr. Shiva Mukti receives a patient named Anna Richards, who, according to him, has “iPhrenia.” The decease originated by what he describes as a “flamboyant psychotic breakdown” of unknown origin. The story also contains a third person named Dr. Zack Busner, a retired psychologist. Dr. Mukti sends for him and inquires him to come see his patient Anna, who has a very unique case. Dr. Mukti and Dr. Busner meet, and Dr. Mukti introduces him to Anna. The two doctors interact with her by pretending they are a part of her
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Mukti’s phone call, to Dr. Busner arrival in the morning, to an unknown time in late afternoon.

The story’s narrator is in third person, and we as readers are only observers. We do not get this “inside-narration,” and neither do we know any of the characters thoughts or feelings. This makes the story more flat and gray, because of our lack of information - we actually know less than the characters do. The conflict in the story is very clear as Anna and has a condition seeing the world as an electronically device. As the story’s ending is coming closer, Dr. Busner is starring out a window where he spots “a packed crowd of office prisoners had been let out for an hour's courtyard exercise. They bustled along talking to their invisible friends, or stood abstracted on the kerb the fingers of one hand fiddling away in the palm of the other, or, like iAnna footled fanatically with a filmy square-foot.” This is of course just in his own imagination, and in fact regular people and not prisoners, whom he feels sorry for, because of the fact that they seem to have this inter-dependence with their electronically devices, that it actually would be impossible for them to survive more that a few minutes without them. After he says: “I have a suspicion that when you flip Anna around the other way again, if you actually provide her with an iPad of her own she'll be ... well, if not exactly cured certainly capable of receiving care in the … his

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