Ian Miller Is A Paleontologist Who Works For The Denver Museum Of Nature And Science

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Ian Miller is a Paleontologist who works for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Ian Miller’s problem is that he wants to find out how Western North America changed from the past 100 million years, what past climates were like 100 million years ago and the fossil ecosystems that existed 100 million years ago. Through solving and studying this problem, there have been many obstacles to solving his questions. Although obstacles causes trouble and hardships through experiments and test, Ian Miller has been patient with his research, uses what he has to solve questions, and enjoys his findings to make him not stop researching (DMNS).
Ian Miller has experimented with many findings and has found many things. First of all, Ian Miller was involved with a Paleolatitude problem. He believed that Washington State, British Columbia, and Southern Alaska was made at Mexico’s latitude today (DMNS). The latitude is between 31°N-27°N to 117°S-85°S (mapsoftheworld). He tested the Baja BC hypothesis and he used 43 fossil leaves found in the Sand-stone formation in Mexico and compared those to normal leaves today. He used the leaf margins and edges to determine the mean annual temperature of the climate back then. He found that that the mean annual temperature was 74°Fahrenheit. This is how he tested his experiment’s. He would always first try to solve his problem by developing an experiment that would help him build upon his answers of the past climate and ecosystems. Then he would…

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