Ian Mcewan 's Sunday : Politics And Generations Essay examples

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Ian McEwan’s Saturday: Politics and generations The attack of 9/11 was probably one of the most shocking scenario the world had ever faced. Its repercussions were seen later when United States started to talk about invasion of Iraq and end Saddam Hussein’s regime. Saturday by Ian McEwan is based in the time period after the 9/11 attacks and midst the talks of war against Iraq. The narrative is constructed around a mid-age neurosurgeon, Henry Perowne, who is based in London. His narration is about one particular day in his life, a Saturday. The same day on which United Kingdom saw its largest protest march. February 15 2003, marks the day when millions came out on the streets of London to express opposition against the looming Iraq war. Ian McEwan has beautifully intertwined politics, war with family and generations. He gives us a detailed account of Henry Perowne’s life on the very Saturday of the protests. McEwan has made the best use of the situation (the protests) to give us the glimpse of how politics and war are indirectly affecting family lives and how the generations (young and old) perceive the idea of war.
Political novel remains an open ended voyage of exploration of experience (Brown, 1,2). This is a fragment from “A move Abroad” which has been used in Richard Brown’s paper. Here I agree with McEwan about how a political novel should explore all the various experiences and not just stick with one side of the story. I believe he has been truthful to his word and…

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