Essay Iago Was Motivated By His Love For Othello

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In Shakespeare 's Othello we meet the character Iago; who is the epitome of evil. He causes mass tragedy and bloodshed throughout the play. But Iago 's motive for this is never clear. He speak of his jealousy for being overlooked for a position behind Othello that Cassio is given. But then later states his suspicions that Othello had slept with his wife Emilia. Yet, he never gives proof nor does he bring these reason up again. Many scholars believe that Iago was in fact homosexual. And was jealous of Othello 's love for Desdemona. Causing Iago to influence Othello to kill her along with himself. This essay will explore and argue that the evil Iago caused was motivated by his love for Othello.
We get an idea that Iago may in fact be gay when he informs Othello that, “I lay with Cassio,” (). Although it may simply be the way soldiers are, it also had a sexual undertone to it. A sexual undertone that would not have been nessasary otherwise. Another hint that Iago may be gay is the way he regards his wife Emilia and women in general. Although he mentions that he had thoughts that Emila had cheated on him. He never brings it up a second time and never seems to bothered about it. Iago is highly misogynistic, constantly referring to women as whores. “Villainous whore!” (act 5 scene 2 225). And degrading them at any given chance “To have a foolish wife. (Act 3 Scene 3). It is also argued that Rodrigo was the sidekick that Iago needed. That he is there to be in love with…

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