Ivf Vs Designer Baby

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The original process of IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) and PGD was used to find and get rid of diseases of the parent’s babies. Throughout the years scientists have used IVF and PGD for more physical and characteristical traits like blond hair or blue eyes. During the process ofTo do IVF, scientists combine the egg and sperms provided to form an embryo, take an embryo and an egg with a petri dish, engage in tests, and then puts the fertilized egg inside the mother. The outcome or the end result is known as a designer baby, a child that is or has went through the IVF process. Couples around the United States have been paying clinics or fertility centers for designer babies because of their fears of passing possible diseases. Couples also around …show more content…
Today only the rich are able to afford IVF and designer babies, but eventually the poor will be able to afford designer babies and IVF too, says Jason Brennan, who is a journalist who researches in marketing and economics, which gives him credibility towards economy and pricing. Brennan states that those few that can afford designer babies will eventually become those of many, that is if markets in designer babies continue. Like most new technology, designer babies are only affordable to the rich, but as time goes on and the rich keep paying for designer babies the prices of them will eventually drop (Brennan 1). For example, when a new smartphone or tablet comes out, at the start the price is overwhelming but as time goes on the price goes down. As time goes on, the same will happen with IVF and designer babies, much like every other technology. In time designer babies and the process of IVF will eventually be affordable to those that are poor and those that are rich, lowering the social gap that would be caused initially from the purchasing of IVF and designer babies. For example, between the years of 2001 and 2013, the price of sequencing a human genome dropped from around 100,000,000 to 7,000 dollars (Brennan 1). Over 12 years, the price of human genome sequencing dropped millions making it more affordable for everyone instead of just the rich. With price drops such as human genome sequencing as large as millions, prices of designer babies and IVF can drop significant amounts

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