IFG Case Study

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In this information age, technology needs are constantly changing, which has further enabled innovation and experimentation to become a global phenomenon. Particularly, as the Internet became more commercialized, the number of tech savvy consumers also significantly increased. Therefore, to survive such a consumer-centric market, the International Foods Group (IFG) needs to incorporate innovation as its marketing strategy.
IFG is one of the known and leading corporations in the food industry, which needs to incorporate the successful social networking, mashups, and multimedia marketing strategies of Glow-Foods (McKeen & Smith, 2012). Now a days, getting digital is becoming more like a cultural norm in the current business market. Furthermore,
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Previous marketing strategy of IFG have mainly been focused on selling their products internationally, but with today’s tech savvy and highly interactive consumers, there is a change in demand, which has ultimately led to a need of bringing change in the current marketing as well as IT strategic planning (McKeen & Smith, 2012). Furthermore, the over the past years Glow-Foods was able to gain loyalty from their consumers by sharing their content and newsfeed on their website, which makes it an excellent organization that has been focusing on a consumer-centric approach (McKeen & Smith, 2012). For instance, their brand awareness campaigns through which they were able to gain popularity especially among the youth population, by posting a picture of themselves drinking their Green Tea Shake in various locations on their interactive website (McKeen & Smith, 2012). They even conducted certain contests to further engage their consumers and make them feel that their inputs matter, by having them comment on their mini-drama videos on YouTube (McKeen & Smith, 2012). Therefore, by collaborating these two organizations together they become an unbeatable team, where IFG provides the needed structure as well as funds, and Glow-Foods brings the innovative marketing strategies (McKeen & Smith, …show more content…
No doubt that social media is an effective marketing strategy, but just by having a social media account or creating an interactive website will not be enough (Aichner & Jacob, 2015). To be successful IFG needs to constantly have teams designated to update profiles, to respond back to employees, and to constantly upgrade their infrastructure with the changing marketing needs (Aichner & Jacob, 2015). Based on several market studies, it is found out that usually consumers ten to expect a response time on these social media sites ranging between a few hours to a maximum of one day, which can be quite overwhelming and challenging task regardless of the size of the organization (Aichner & Jacob, 2015). In order to meet these requirements, organizations need to promote innovation and experimentation techniques that can overcome such demanding

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