IBM Sales Management Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… It’s headquarter, is situated in Armonk, North Castle, New York, United States. Being the world's prevalent technology company and the second most important global brand, the company significantly manage its sales management process (About IBM, 2010). Due to its effective sales management only the company has become able to attain its present position. The company is able to optimize its sales personal performance due to the use of different management techniques, which are as follows:


One of the most significant management techniques used by IBM to optimize its sales personnel performance is planning. With this technique, the company management establishes goals and objectives for a future period so that everything can be undertaken in a planned manner (Calvin, 2004). This technique spans all levels of management that in turn assist sales personnel in attaining their goals. This technique, assist sales personnel in identifying why to undertake an action, what action, how to take action and when to take action.
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Intensity pertain to the amount of metal and physical effort out forth by sale people; persistence elaborates the choice of sales people to expand their efforts over a period of time and direction describes the way of their efforts will be spent among different activities (Calvin, 2004). By managing all these dimensions with the help of different motivating, compensating and indirect incentives factors one can easily motivate his salespeople.


With the help of this technique the company manages the leadership patterns of their sales people and this assist in moderating their leadership styles in an effective manner so that they can continuously attain their sales goals (Honeycutt, Ford & Simintiras, 2003). This increases the performance of salespeople as they start believing that their company and employers are concerned about their performance enhancement and growth.

Sales Management Tools

For making its products and services available to all its customers in different corners of the world the IBM, make use of several sales management tools that are as

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