Essay on I 'm Writing A Letter

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So, I 'm writing this letter and even though we keep calling it a goodbye letter I don 't think I 'll ever be able to say those words to you. So, sorry but I guess this will be a disappoint to you. It 's hard for me to respond to your goodbye text knowing that it was all bull anyway and you 've been with her but I 'm trying to pretend like you actually meant what you said. How do you say goodbye to someone you care about anyway? I feel sorry for the people on earth that love someone like I do you. Because if that person doesn 't love them back then they know exactly how I feel and it 's just the worst feeling. I guess it 's time for me to realize that I will never be the one for you and you won 't ever change for me. Those lyrics I made you listen to, She 'll lie and steal and cheat and beg you from her knees, make you thinks she means it this time. She 'll tear a hole in you, the one you can 't repair, but I still love her. That is exactly what you 've done to me. You know how much I loved you then and know how hard it was for me to even come around you again now but you go and hurt me all over again. Part of me thought this time was going to be different. The other part of me the one who said “I can 't” knew this was going to happen. You have broken my heart so many times I wish I could just move on and forget you and hate you but I just can 't. But I also can’t wait on you to change anymore. The one thing I will never understand besides why you do this to me is why I…

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