I 'm Going At The Protest Marches, By John Lewis, Nate Powell, And Andrew Ayin

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In class we have been discussing different topics based around race and how things have changed, and how things haven’t changed compared to the past. Based on “March Book One and March Book Two” by John Lewis, Nate Powell, and Andrew Ayin I’m going to discuss three different forms of non-violent activisms, namely sit-ins, protest marches, and gospel songs. For each form of activism I’m going to identify its goal, different responses to it, assess its overall impact, and determine whether it was effective or not. Lastly, using current examples, I’m going to discuss whether each form of activism would be effective today or not.
Sit-ins are a non-violent way of shutting down an area that is unjust. In March Book One, the protesters even went so far as to make sure there wasn’t violence, as to dehumanize each other through calling each other names and by testing how they reacted under stress (MB1: 79-80). The protesters would also have “test sit-ins” where they would enter stores where they knew they wouldn’t be served but still sat and asked to be served, then left when they were told that they wouldn’t be served (MB1: 84). There were different responses to the sit-ins but through all of it, they remained peaceful and non-violent and accepted the different types of abuse that they were forced to face.
Throughout “March Books One and Two”, the protestors had many different sit-ins, all in different locations. Some different responses that they faced were being called horrible…

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