I 'm From The Cuse Area Essay example

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“Not too much to tell, sir. I’m from the Cuse area, and—” Jarvis was quickly interrupted by the commander asking, “Wait, what’s the Cuse area?” Jarvis paused to pick at his mashed potatoes with his fork before beginning again. “I’m from Syracuse. The Cuse is just what we locals call it. Well, at least that’s what we used to call it. Now, I’m not too sure what it might be. But, I suppose the place really couldn’t have gotten much worse.” “Do you have family there? Did they get out?” Brayzack asked, but then a regretful look began overtaking his face for having pried. He glanced back down at his tray while he waited for Jarvis to respond, thinking he should ask him something else as to change the subject. “No, sir.” Jarvis began after the long pause. “I mean… I do have family up there. My parents, brother, and even an on-and-off again girlfriend, Amber. But they got out. I notified them as soon as I found out that those infected mosquitoes got out from Camp Hero. I’m sorry. I know that information been classified, and I had no right to tell them of anything. But, after seeing what the agent did at Camp Hero. How quickly it was spreading. I couldn’t risk my family with them being so close by.” Jarvis’s speech had a shaky nervousness to it, and the commander could see a twitch slowly taking over his hands. “I know… I know what I did was wrong, sir. And I know I could be in serious trouble for my actions, but what was I suppose to do? It’s my…

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