I Would Like My Dad Essay

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I would like to congratulate my father Joey Montijo and my step-mother Sara Montijo for ultimately showing me that you can make a person suffer his whole life and cry and cry well sitting next to a window hoping to see that person you really wanted to see and only to realize they leave you for months and months and even years and then finally come to you when your so broken and filled with despair, take in mind I am the ultimate despair you made dad and you know dad I have defended you my whole life and tried to keep sane that there were logically reasons you were unable to pick me up or see me sometimes, after all you did promise to pick me up and never did you bloody liar.

First, My father has always said he would get better and would try to be more involved in my life, funny because my mother said the same thing and now she is a drug addict and a drunken fool with another child she wasn 't able to keep and now that child is suffering the same faith as me. also, when you said you are a grown child and when I agreed with you, THAT WASN 'T A GOOD THING.

Second, my father nor his wife haven 't ever told anyone about the fact that I have spent the majority of my life sitting next to a window waiting and waiting for him with my mother when I was much younger and cried and cried and nearly ended my life because I thought he seen me as a failure and couldn 't bare the mistake he made and left me, but I become to realize that life is too short for revenge and hate, because even…

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