I Woke Up At Los Mochis Essay

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I woke up in Los Mochis, anxious to embark on our adventures of the day. The next stop was Mazatlan, situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico across from the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Miguel and I were only planning to stay there long enough to refuel the plane and eat lunch. In the mid-1800’s, a large group of German immigrants transformed Mazatlan from a native fishing village into a thriving seaport. Their legacy lives on in the form of local music based on Bavarian folk music, called Banda. Another vestige of the past remains: The Pacifico Brewery established in 1900. Unfortunately, Miguel and I were there not there long enough to sample the music or the beer. However, it turned out we were in Mazatlan long enough to establish Millennium Airlines before moving on to Puerto Vallarta.
We were flying a Cessna 172, a four seat, single engine plane with a high, fixed wing. Back in 1955, Cessna Aircraft Company started making 172’s and more of them have been built than any other aircraft. Based on how long it has been around and its popularity, the Cessna 172 ranks as the most successful aircraft in history. Miguel’s 172 was a year 2000 model which meant it was a special edition called the Millennium 172. It included upgrades and modifications; several of them, such as extra fresh air vents and redesigned seats, later became standard equipment. It also had a commemorative bronze medallion on the outside which included a stylized version…

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