Essay about I Woke From My Dreams

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It was a dark, winter morning as I awoke from my dreams. It was very early, because after all I had to be up for school soon. I heard the sound of my mother calling for me, telling me that it was time to wake up. It’s funny, somehow every morning, she would always call for me just seconds before my blasted alarm clock would make it’s annoying screeching noise.

I rose from my bed, almost falling out, as I did every morning for school. Then, I tried to find clothes to wear, stumbling around like I was too drunk to stand. After a few minutes I finally decided what I was going to wear. I grabbed my favorite black shirt, along with a dark blue pair of jeans. I slid my shoes on and threw my black jacket into the air, then as it fell on me, I shoved my arms into the sleeves, and walked out of my room.

I met my mom at the bottom of the stairs, she was much shorter than I am, with pure blonde hair. It kinda made me wonder why my hair was the color it was. My hair was and has always been this brownish color. I was born with it along with my piercing grey eyes.

“Morning Mom.” I greeted her, as this was our daily routine throughout the week.

“Good morning Jason.” she replied. “Be careful on your way to school today.”

“I always am.” I laughed as I walked out the door.

Little did I know that would be the last time I’d see her ever again…

I stepped outside to find it was really warm for the winter season. There wasn’t a snowflake to be seen anywhere. I started to walk to my car,…

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