Essay on I Will Use Sport Terminology

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Educators should adapt their teaching styles to the economic environment, to which school they are teaching in location. To adapt your teaching style effectively as a teacher you must gain a proper understanding of the towns culture. Becoming a part of the town’s culture is one way to gain the knowledge, on how to effectively make accommodation inside the classroom for students. One way I will do this is if the town I am teaching in is a sport town, I will incorporate sports into my classroom. I will use sport terminology when scaffolding in the classroom to help students relate and have a better understanding of the material. Students learn best when teachers adapt to them, as a teacher I will build report with each students in my classroom holding them to different standards and expectations. Getting to know student’s different ethnicity and cultural back ground in their house holds will also determine how I will teach each students. After reading “Other People Children” this educated me and made me more aware that not only do different ethnicity have a stronger background in different subject, but also learn better with different teaching styles. In the article Identification of Gifted African American, it brings to readers attention that African American in the education system do not fully grasp and understand the importance of education. When focusing on African Americans in my class I will focus more on the importance of why education is important and how to apply it…

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