I Will First Start With My After School Activities Essay

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I will first start with my after school activities I currently am in. I have been in Care Club for three years and I also have been voted captain of Care Club. In Care Club our mission is to spread cultural awareness. To show students with different ethnicity that our differences can be celebrated, that our uniqueness can be bonded over, and to stopped the unnecessary hatred of our differences. We also have voluntary events and often collaborate with other clubs to do projects. This year we are doing We scare Hunger with We Act. We Scare Hunger is that during Halloween instead of trick or treating we instead get nonperishable food items and donate them to our local food charity. But Care Clubs signature is that it’s famous for the once a year cultural week. We start the week off with songs from different places in the world on the daily announcements. Students then try to guess the country and if guessed correctly they usually win a prize. These announcements are every day for a week, the Tuesday we have activities during lunch ranging from learning how to use chopsticks to games played in different countries. The Wednesday during lunch we have food from our fellow members of Care Club and they themselves station the stalls. The Thursday is the most anticipated because that 's the fashion show. Although it 's called the fashion show, there are also songs sung in different languages to traditional dances, readings of folk tales, and teachers sometimes join in and show their…

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