Essay on I Will Describe How Events Reflect My Leadership Style

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Marker moments occur when our lives are directed onto a new path. These moments can take place without us consciously knowing that it is happening. Sometimes, it is only in retrospect when we realize an event or a decision we made is truly a marker moment in our life. In this paper, I will state five of my maker moments. Additionally, I will explain what changes to the future I envision as a result of these experiences. Finally I will describe how these events reflect my leadership style.
The first marker moment in my life started with the divorce of my parents when I was in kindergarten. My biological father was an alcoholic. He physically abused my mother and older brother. I witnessed my father pushing my older brother down two flights of stairs, and holding a gun to my mother’s head. Once my mother decided that we were no longer safe in our own home, she moved me and my brothers to Missouri to live with her sister. We were later reunited with her in Kansas when she regained financial stability.
The second marker moment of my life began when one of my friends invited me to Sunday school. My mother allowed me to go, and I had a great time so I made it a weekly habit. When I was ten, I accepted Jesus into my heart. I attended Sunday school faithfully every week and started going to youth group on Wednesday nights. The Lord showed me that there were people in this world that cared about me, and that there is more to a support system than just the family you…

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