I Will Become An Early Childhood Education Teacher Essay

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I will become an Early Childhood Education teacher one day. The type of teacher I will be is dependent on my type of philosophy. My philosophy will help me determine crucial aspects like how I want my classroom set up, the different ways I will teach my students, what kinds of goals and decisions I will make, and ultimately what I want my students to take out of my class when the end of the year comes. To some degree, I am a combination of all the types of philosophies: essentialist, perennialist, progressivist, existentialist, and behaviorist. However, I have one type of philosophy that stands out most: progressivist. Progressivism stresses explaining real-life problems and working towards the complete development of an individual (Eggen & Kauchak, 2011). I understand progressivism as wanting to move forward and finding new, innovative ways of doing so. Knowing what being a progressivist means, I can begin to understand the teacher I will become.

As a progressivist teacher, I believe that I am teaching my students to prepare them for life, not just for the next grade in their education. The way I construct my classroom should resemble real-life like the type of area they live in, the places they go, and how they fit into the big scheme of the world; almost like smaller versions of their life (Saçli Uzunöz, 2016). Through the multiple subjects I will teach like math, English, science, and social studies, my philosophy pushes me to provide them real-life situations, offer…

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