I Will Be Writing About Feminism Essay example

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I will be writing about feminism. I’m going to explain what feminism is, how it relates to The Scarlet Letter, why it is important, Hawthorne’s view of women in the book, whether or not Hawthorne portrays women accurately, and will be providing specific examples from the book to support my analysis. Women have been discriminated against from the very beginning in my beliefs. It started out with Adam and Eve; Eve took the first bite of the apple not Adam. Now I’m not saying God is feminist but just starting out with history that’s where it begins. I will also be giving examples from The Scarlet Letter, with not just Hester but other women in that time as well. In conclusion this paper will be explaining what feminist times were/ are like and how women react to it, as well as how Hawthorne’s take on it and if he falls victim to being a feminist. I would like to start out by giving the dictionary definition of Feminism “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” (google.com) so what this definition is saying is that women are compared to men in a lesser value in society, and radical ways. I think many people would have different opinions on what feminism is, this is personally my opinion. With that being said in the Greek times women were recognized as more of a sexual object than an actual person, and taken advantage of by Gods and humans. (Women throughout the ages) And I would like to compare that period of time to…

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