I Will Be Myself About My Friends And Community Essay

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I will be evaluating myself about my friends and community. I believe I have a good amount of friends outside of Social Work classes. My friends’ outside of Social Work classes provide me support and encouragement. Additionally, I am a person who likes to be part of different friend groups and believe I am exposed to different perspectives and points of view. Many of my friends have different views, ages, interests, and many other things. However, my weakness is that I have a lot of acquaintances from Social Work, but not many friendships. Ultimately, I believe that having a good quality of friends outside of Social Work will encourage and provided a variety of perspectives about life and it will provide me the outlet in my Social Work career. The area of fitness that may require special attention for development is making an effort to be friends with my colleagues. I propose a plan to be implemented over the semester is to provide the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and ask one of my colleagues every week for lunch, dinner, or coffee so we can get to know each other better.
I believe my community is being part of the children’s ministry at the College church of the Nazarene. I have the opportunity every Wednesday to teach children about God’s love for them and share my faith with children who have never been to church. Additionally, I have great friendships with the other leaders that participate in the children’s ministry because we all share the same view of…

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