Essay on I Will Be Coaching My Colleague Paul A.

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I will be coaching my colleague Paul A., who is 29 years old and a marketing representative for Accent Creative Group. My colleague has been working with the company for three years. We have been friends for a long time despite the tight work schedule. Paul A. trusts me and often asks for guidance and direction whenever he is facing challenges in social life and working environment. Currently, Paul A. is experiencing low customer purchases from the company due to low customer satisfaction. This affects the sales volume and revenue in the company. The company’s marketing manager is putting much pressure on Paul A. to change the situation or else face dismissal. This situation makes it necessary for the coaching process before things fall apart.
Background Information
Paul A. has been a dedicated person both in academic and job life. This is because Paul A. interacted with different experts in academic and career development. As such, he developed a passion for marketing. Since Accent Creative Group employed him, Paul A. has improved the level of sales and revenue. This is because Paul A. came to the company when it was having troubles in managing its customers and sales. Paul A. implemented different marketing strategies to attract new customers into the organization. Although there were specialists in the department, Paul A. invented strategies to increase the customer base and market share. The company soon edged other competitors in the market.…

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