I Watched The Documentary Blackfish By Gabriela Cowperthwaite And Eli B. Despres For The Second Time Last Week

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I watched the documentary Blackfish written by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Eli B. Despres for the second time last week. The documentary is about Tilikum, an orca that killed three people at SeaWorld. The directors wanted to build a case against using wild animals for commercial value and against keeping wild animals in captivity. The first time I watched the film was shortly after it came out in 2013. I was sitting in my family room with my two friends who had seen it before and had strong opinions that keeping animals in captivity is wrong, no matter what the circumstances. With solely the statements from my friends, I quickly created a preconceived notion that made me feel sympathetic for the orcas. The film began with dark, suspenseful music along with harsh images of whales swimming in pools that were clearly not big enough for two to six ton wild animals. I immediately became angry and felt so bad for the orcas. I believed the directors used purposeful music and shocking scenes to build drama and a case against using wild animals for entertainment purposes, like SeaWorld. It brought back memories as a small child. I used to go to the Brookfield Zoo and loved watching the dolphin shows. From a kids point of view they are beautiful, well-behaved animals performing as if that is what they were meant to do. But there I was, only twenty minutes into the film, my emotions were running wild, as I remember saying to my friends, “After this, I will never support SeaWorld by…

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