I Was Waiting At Line For Lunch Essay

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I was waiting in line for lunch. I had just left from combo. At this camp my combo was a jazz ensemble that actually sounded amazing together. None of my friends were around me in line so I just waited quietly. I heard someone behind start talking about there combo. They said, “Ugh, we have Sam again this year. Why does he have to be so bad? And sigh, now we have Rami, he is…” I turned around instantly and asked, “Rami is what?” He paused while his friends laughed at him. He was literally and figuratively talking behind my back. Brian, the person who talked behind my back, grabbed me by my waste and attempted to apologize while I thought to myself, “Whatever, just sleep with one eye open.” This kid lived in Boston too and went to Belmont Hill School. One of my other friends had just applied there. Being in a private school with mostly white kids was an interesting experience. I hated it, yet loved it. But mostly hated it. I wasn’t tormented daily, but occasionally an incident would happen where parents would have to step in and discuss the situation. This was very similar to going to a private school except you have to fend for yourself because the counselor’s only made things worse and you couldn’t call your parents. I knew that I already had thick skin but to me being the only black kid was different then being one of four black kids in your grade of sixty. Later that week we played capture the flag. I love capture the flag because I can always catch and outrun almost…

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