I Was The Right For You Essay

2285 Words Sep 16th, 2016 10 Pages
I was rushing again to another blind date, that would mark it as the fifth one this month. I had to start getting creative on where these men could take me. I had already used up my favorite spots on the first three; I didn’t want to take the others to the same spot. The people working there probably would’ve been convinced that I was a THOT, and Lord knows that was not the case. I am just another woman who desperately hoped that the man of her dreams would soon come along. The winter storm had ceased and the roads were finally cleared. This date had to get rescheduled twice because of the weather. So of course my heart leaped for joy when I turned on the news to learn that the roads would no longer be an issue. The thickness of the cotton in my black sweater dress would definitely do the job of keeping not only my five-foot-three inch frame from getting cold but also do the job of making sure that I looked just right for whoever this man is. The dress came down to my knees and didn’t hug my body too tight, which was a good thing for me. I’ve always found it hard to find the perfect sweater dress that would do my thickness some justice. The thick black tights I had on with knee high-heeled boots helped as well. It was the third Saturday of January and the freezing temperature of twenty-one degrees was a blessing considering it had been in the teens all week. I glanced at the icicles that hung from the branches of some trees and wished that I could stop to take a picture…

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