I Was The Best Friend Essay

1499 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
It’s almost every little kid’s dream to have a puppy while growing up. I was lucky to be one of those kid’s. Before I was born my parents already had a chocolate lab named Abenea. She was the sweetest dog until she got hit by a car when I was 6. After that I was a dog less kid, which wasn’t bad thing, but I would always beg my parents for one. That all changed a couple of years after my sister was born. I didn’t think that the next dog I would get, would be the best friend I could have ever asked for. A couple years back when I was 13, playing teacher with my younger sister Scarlette was part of the norm. On a boring Saturday I was helping Scarlette count to 20, when she said 10 we heard our mother yell from the living room, “Marie! Lilly! Come here please.” When we heard our middle names we hurried to the living room. The only time our parents ever used our middles names was when we were in trouble. As we crept into the living room we noticed our dad standing by the back door and mom on the recliner.
My dad looked at us and said, “Go put some shoes on, and meet me outside.” We did as he asked and went outside. As I walked out all I could do was just leap for joy. The same with my sister. Right outside our gate that lead to the front yard were 3 baby pugs. We stood behind the gate until my dad said it was ok to go out. As we walked to him he said, “Pick one out, but you have to choose together.” Scarlette and I both decided that we’d choose the most playful one. There…

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