Essay about I Was Taught Writing Instruction

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Luckily for me I was taught writing instruction by the world-renowned, William Shakespeare. Well, maybe not, although I did have teachers who were up to par on a Shakespeare level. My high school teachers were able to effectively teach their students to be prepared for writing in college. The writing instruction had started off simple and progressed throughout my high school career. The writing instruction received excelled during senior year, taught by Mrs. Billy Allison, and she made college preparedness her number one goal. Mrs. Allison had taught her students in a thorough way, she taught with construction feedback, she taught her students a variety of formal writing styles, and she taught all while encouraging her students. Mrs. Allison was exceptional at being thorough when it came to instruction. Because Mrs. Allison taught college English, she was aware of what the expectation was of students. With that being said, she did not want to leave room for any type of confusion in her classroom. As an instructor, Mrs. Allison, took the approach of being vastly visual. Mrs. Allison had used college level power points which allowed her students to clearly see and take precise notes. Mrs. Allison had also shown examples of writings to her students. Being able to take notes on a college level was a valuable way to learn and get experience, along with being able to get familiar with what would be asked of in college. Physically seeing examples of texts, short stories, essays,…

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