I Was Somewhat Scared Of Taking English 101 Essay

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I was somewhat scared of taking English 101. During high school English class was never my strong point, and always found myself frustrated and confused as to why I did not got the score I felt I deserved. I would write essays to get it over with, and never felt connected with any subject that I was asked to write. Therefore coming into college and doing it all over again was certainly something I feared and something I wanted to get over with, but now I find myself enjoying writing. My Rogerian paper shows how well I can do the research and empathize with the opposing side. My Editorial paper shows how well I can write an opinionated article that is engaging, informative, and thought-provoking.
To begin, I would like to discuss one of my best papers, Editorial paper. This particular paper best illustrates my strength in organization, maintaining focus, and using relevant support and evidence. First of all, the paper is well organized because the introduction and conclusion creatively tied the essay together and each paragraph is focused around an individual point. Furthermore, the uses of transitions are effective which helps tie individual points together. Secondly, the essay is clearly focused around the claim; everything I have included in the essay helps contribute to my message. One of the things that I learned from this assignment is how to site sources in correct MLA format.
In my opinion my weakest assignment was Rogerian paper. I had tough time presenting the…

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