Essay about I Was Removed From The Womb

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I was removed from the womb on February 26th, 1998. Two days prior to the start of the Kosova War, a great way to come into this world I suppose. I was diagnosed with severe autism at a young age which stunted my growth socially. But, with the help of my mother and my preschool teacher Mrs. Rakes, I learned to speak to others, even though it was not something with which I was comfortable doing. Having that support was a step in the right direction. During my time in middle school, I only learned two things: how to talk to others comfortably and that acne sucks. Now in high school, I have gone on to do many activities and build the skills necessary for what I want to do in life. I have also taken much inspiration from others and from different forms entertainment, many of which has inspired me to be a “Maker”. But, more on that later. While in middle school, I joined the choir with Mrs. Lofland and Mrs. Daily. What I did not expect was that I would also join several other, different activities. These activities included performing in five different musicals and along with twenty-one performances through our school’s music program. Outside of the music program, I am a member of the Anime Club and an executive board member in W.H.Y. (We Help You), both of which I joined just last year. On top of all that, this coming Tuesday I am adding the robotics club to my growing list of activities. I decided to join robotics primarily to learn how to work with electronics and to how to…

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