Essay about I Was Lost At The Notre Dame

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Mon Premier Jour en France There I was, lost at the Notre Dame. Not having a clue where everyone else was. You’re probably wondering how I got in this situation. Let me start from the beginning. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I had been told that my French class would one day go to France on a trip. After years of waiting, the day had finally arrived. I was leaving for France! Our flight left at 4pm out of JFK and had a layover in Amsterdam which took about 8 hours. When we landed there the sun was rising, causing the sky to be pink and purple. It was beautiful. The actual flight to Paris took 45 minutes. Once we landed, we met our tour guide, David, and went straight to the hotel. After we got all situated, we made our way to the train station, where we would take a train to the city. When we were actually in the city and out of the train car, I was shocked. Everything was so beautiful and very exquisite looking. It was all so fancy. The buildings were designed beautifully. There were no skyscrapers in sight which was really nice. We then made our way to the Louvre, where we were told to get lunch and then meet up back here. My friends and I decided to go walk around a bit and go to a cute little café, in the heart of the city. We were by ourselves so we had to figure out on our own how to order in French. After we ate, we went to some souvenir shops and then headed back to the Louvre. Once we were all there, we went in. By that time, I was already fed up…

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